The Poker Career of Kenna James

Some poker professionals display an aggressive kind of playing style at poker tables, while there are some poker professionals who display an energetic behavior when they face their opponents. Well, poker professional Kenna James is someone who displays a playing style that is somewhat different from the common playing styles shown by poker players.

Just by looking at Kenna James, you would already know that he has a different attitude compared with his fellow poker professionals. You would not think that someone whose characteristics include politeness has the capability to play well at poker tables. Well, Kenna James is definitely one living example of it. The face of this poker professional exudes honesty that he does not look like someone who can intimidate his opponents. Well, he is also one living example of the adage that states that looks can be deceiving.

One of the ambitions of Kenna James is to become an ambassador to such casino game. Well, we don't think that anyone would ever feel that he does not deserve to play such role. Aside from the fact that he shows politeness while playing, he is actually known to be a good person even when he is not in front of his opponents at poker tables. Even outside casinos or gambling establishments, this poker professional is really known as a good person.

Born in Chicago, Illinois on December 18, 1963, Kenna James is married to Marsha Waggoner, a fellow poker professional. Although Kenna James and Waggoner both love to talk about poker, they are not fond of talking about it at home. They simply leave poker conversation at casinos, at gambling establishments, or in any place where they are surrounded with poker players. But when they are at home or when they are with their family, they as much as possible avoid conversations about such game.

Kenna James may have not yet won a World Series of Poker bracelet. Nevertheless, this poker professional has experienced money finishes in various World Series of Poker events a dozen of times. Among his experiences of finishing in the money, it was only once that this poker professional reached the final table. That was when he placed fourth in a US$2,500 No Limit Texas Hold'em event conducted in 2003. The prize money he took home from such event was worth US$36,140.

Kenna James also joined the televised poker game show "Ultimate Poker Challenge," wherein he was recognized as the only poker professional who won two events during the first season. Unfortunately, he was eliminated from the show by female poker professional Jennifer Harman.

Aside from playing professional poker, Kenna James is also the spokesperson of Sun Poker. He is also involved with the Wounded Warrior Project, to which he donates part of his poker earnings, and the Screaming Eagle Poker League. Well, it sure looks like Kenna James is not only hooked into playing poker, but he is also hooked into being charitable.

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