Shorthand Sit and Go Strategies

It is very important that players know the ways to play short handed tourneys, especially Poker Sit and Go. A lot of players simply do not make the necessary adjustments or just get confounded. You cannot allow this to happen, as this is the most crucial time of the hand.

When a Poker Sit and Go table is reduced to four or five players, especially at the final tables, it is money time. At this stage you will have to utilize different strategies and tactics. The first thing that you will have to do is assess the situation at the table.

Most of the Poker Sit and Go players will have short stacks, usually about a dozen times the size of the big blind or less. If this is the situation at your table, then you should go for a push or stay out of the hand.

However, for the most part, your strategy and approach should be as an aggressive player. Keep in mind that in a short handed Poker Sit and Go table, most of the players are going to be very tight and not a few downright scared to make a move. If you have the big stack, take the opportunity to pounce on the others and take them out quickly.

Double up as often as you can, and force them to go all in. If you are short stacked, then all the more should you be aggressive. Although you have a lot of players who have bigger stacks, you should push on, as they will be hesitant to put their chips on the line.

Take advantage of this opportunity to steal the blinds. The mistake that most players commit at this stage is that they are too timid and end up just being blinded out. The fact that the field has been reduced to half means that the Poker blinds will be coming in much quicker, and of course, at a much higher price.

When you are at the heads up, you can play, aside from the usual AAs, AKs etc, you can also play Kings paired with Tens or Queens. However, keep in mind that suited connectors are not as playable at this stage.

When the Poker Sit and Go table gets short handed, you should remain clam and look at the opportunity to display your skills and also take advantage of the other players' weakness. Remember, you came here to win it all, and now that the players have been reduced, it is the proper time to make your move.

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