"The Psychology of Poker," by Alan N. Schoonmaker

Alan N. Schoonmaker is not only a poker writer but he also holds a Ph.D. in the field of psychology. Because of this, there is no denying that he is credible enough to publish a book titled "The Psychology of Poker." In this poker book, Alan N. Schoonmaker tries to reach the minds of readers who are as curious as him in terms of comprehending the behavior of poker players. The author attempts not only to comprehend the way poker players think but also to analyze factors that motivate them.

"The Psychology of Poker" begins with an introduction by Alan N. Schoonmaker himself. Afterwards, readers are asked to observe their own game, asking them to honestly and critically examine their poker skills and motivations. Asking readers to do such thing is actually a challenge to Alan N. Schoonmaker because we cannot say that "The Psychology of Poker" is an effective book if readers would not be able to do such a thing. Fortunately, the writing skills of the author are so effective that he is able to guide readers on how to observe their own game successfully.

"The Psychology of Poker" also covers such poker skills as game selection and reading hands. Some might think that these poker skills are not pertinent in gaining a winning edge but actually, they are as important as the other skills that poker players need to hone.

In "The Psychology of Poker," a grid system is also mentioned by Alan N. Schoonmaker, pertaining to a system wherein poker players have the chance to be rated. Subjects such as the aggressiveness versus passiveness and loosenes versus tightness are also tackled effectively by the author.

Aside from such topics, Alan N. Schoonmaker also discusses the different types of poker players. Perhaps, he is not able to discuss all types of poker players but nonetheless, he gets to discuss four of those. He gets to analyze in this poker book why some poker players tend to self-destruct in their plays as he also explains explicitly how such self-destruction can be avoided.

Alan N. Schoonmaker has included three appendices in "The Psychology of Poker." One of those features a quiz that determines whether the readers have adequate skills to become successful poker players. The other appendix features an article with regard to the importance for poker players to think twice before deciding to turn into professional poker players. The last of the appendices features summaries of each of the chapters included in such poker book.

The book may be titled "The Psychology of Poker" but a great deal of its contents offers pieces of advice for poker players instead of analysis of the behavior of poker players. Perhaps, this poker book is not aptly titled. Nonetheless, this poker book is still an interesting read.

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