Learning Poker Terms from G to I

As one goes about playing poker with a group of people, he may usually come across some unknown poker jargons especially if he is just new to the game. For instance, what is meant when someone refers to a "gaphand" or a "hammer"? Let us then proceed to taking a look at even more poker jargons starting with G to I.

Gap hand: This would refer to a starting hand in a game of Texas hold 'em that possesses a minimum of one rank that separates two cards.

Garbage: Similar in meaning to "muck", when someone says "garbage", he would refer to a hand that is considered worthless.

Going south: This is the act of sneaking some of one's chips from the poker table while the game is still going on. This is usually not allowed in various public poker rooms.

Grinder: A player that earns his living by making minimal amounts of profits over long periods of time consistently and is a conservative player.

Guts: This refers to a game that has no requirements for an opening hand, wherein it is only necessary to open the betting.

Gutshot: This would refer to inside straight draw.

Gypsy: The act wherein one player cheaply enters the pot by calling a blind and not raising.

Half bet rule: It stands for the rule that one places chips equivalent to or larger than half of the normal wager amount past the amount needed to call then makes a commitment of raising the usual amount.

Hammer: The act of betting or raising in an aggressive manner.

Head Up: This would refer to the act wherein one plays with only one opponent.

Here kitty kitty: A very small wager made with a strong hand, wherein the player hopes to get a call from his opponents who, given those circumstances, would more or less fold when it comes to a normal wager amount.

Hogger: Means winning the entire pot in a game that is "split-pot", and also would mean the same as when one is "scooping the pot".

Hollywood: Refers to a player acting in such a way that he deceives his opponents.

Horse: Would refer to a player that is backed financially or has financial support from another person. Immortal: Means to be unbeatable and is a term often used for a hand in which a player knows it will not be beaten under the current game situation.

Insurance: This is a business deal wherein players have agreed to split or lessen the pot in proportion to their chances of winning, getting more cards coming rather than to play out the hand. This may also refer to the act of a player making a wager against himself with another person there to be a buffer against an enormous loss.

In the tank: This would refer to a player that has long time thinking about whether he should call or not upon being faced with a bet or raise situation.

So now, upon reading some of these poker jargons, you may feel free to familiarize yourself with them as you might come across them later on. Enjoy your game!

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