Poker has become the most popular game in the United States today, and with good cause. People of all ages and walks of life play poker , and far gone are the days when it was a game that middle aged men played for their weekly poker game around the kitchen table. Poker is one of the games that you have to know the rules and strategies in order to win, since it is a game that is based both on skill and on chance.

The aim of poker is to obtain a number of combinations that allow you to win the game. There are several combinations in order to do this. Firstly, there is the straight flush that is the highest combination in poker. It consists of five cards in ascending order that have the same color and suit. The next combination is the full house, and this only a little less are than the straight flush. When you get it, beats all the other combinations other than the straight flush. Of course there are other combinations as well, but they are much less rare, and these are the two most interesting.

But the question is why people like to play texas holdem poker so much? There are so many casinos games, why would anyone choose poker? And not only a few, it has become a national phenomenon. However, there is no easy answer. People like to play poker first of all because it is a fun game to play. It is not a silent game like other games; poker is sociable and fun to play with friend or with strangers.